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Planetary Index: 4/5. NOV 12, - Dynamic Mars sextiles lucky Jupiter to offer opportunity, and it is a dynamic business aspect over the next four days.

The myth is an allegory, needed at that time, so that it helps in transition from an old matriarchal order to the new, patriarchal society. Athens even said that the father was the truthful parent of a child. Remember, Pallas Athens had no mother.

More on Pallas: Powerhouse of Undiluted Talent. – Jeremy Neal's Chirotic Journal

In bad light, Athens could even be seen as a cruel and insensitive figure, ready to sell herself to forces mightier than she is. She represents a strong feminine figure, in the world of men. In astrological terms, Pallas, the asteroid named after the goddess Athens represents politics and social questions. She represents practical intelligence and logic. She is indeed a warrior-woman, a new model of a woman who can survive in the tough world ruled by men.

She is the opposite of the nurturing figure of the Supreme Mother, such as Demeter, for example. The warrior-goddess Athens and so the asteroid Pallas represents the principle of creative intelligence and wisdom. Pallas represents the feminine expression of perfect understanding, the divine knowledge and wisdom. Pallas rules over the relation between a daughter and a father.

The position of Pallas in astrological charts tells about the understanding of modern issues related to gender rights, the importance of male children, problems related to physical harassment in working environment in very sensitive and intimate terms. Pallas in astrological sense has to do with all relations in which any sort of imbalance is present; Pallas stands for liberation of women from the rule of men. Pallas represents the fight for female independence and transformation from a solely a motherly figure to an active, self-reliant woman.

It is related to your creative intelligence and original thinking. The place it holds in your birth chart is the one in which your intellectual and creative potentials will flourish. Pallas in Taurus or in the second house expresses its creative intelligence through talents that are practically applicable in everyday life.

Since Taurus is greatly a materialistic sign, Pallas in Taurus is oriented towards learning how to gain material fortune.

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People with Pallas in Taurus are very materially oriented and they are given talents easily to earn material fortune. People with Pallas in Taurus have no problem with patience and they are calm, tough and ready to work systematically. They would keep their heads cool and slowly come up to a solution.

They do not make hasty and foolish decisions. Everything they do has to do with senses.

What Does Pallas Mean In Astrology? What It Says About Our Intelligence

Taurus is a sensing, material and physical sign. Pallas Taurus people create things with their own hands. On a wider plan, they could take the role of a public figure that has to do with agriculture.

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For example, a Pallas Taurus could be a politician whose occupation are agricultural questions. They care about land, ecology and crops. They are very traditional and they would always support such kind of crafts. In the area of healing, since Pallas is also related to the principle of healing, Pallas Taurus would always turn to traditional herbalists and cures.

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When i was school i liked mathematics and and got excellent grades. Pallas Athene was a powerful symbol for independence and wisdom in the ancient mythology. She did not ally herself with any man, but rather was a strong and warrior-like figure who aided men of good will and whose advice was prized for its intelligence. The astrology of the asteroid Pallas indicates such a feminine spirit of independence and cool mental judgment in either a mans or a womans chart.

In an individual chart, Pallas represents the creative use of the mental faculty in combination with ageless wisdom, and is also involved with the arts, especially the plastic arts such as sculpture and pottery, and with medicinal remedies. Its position by house and sign indicates where in ones life the divine spark of creative intelligence and higher wisdom may spring forth.

Re: Pallas and transgender people.

Pallas is a protoplanet, said some astronomers, this article was from a decade ago in , and I guess there's no commonly agreed definition for Pallas. An indication of my genderfluidity, although this isn't the same as a transgender person to have a full transition , and I'm a heterosexual biological male.

I see the Cancer rising. Aries in the MC and Venus was her name! Originally Posted by graay ghost. Originally Posted by Tandy. Chelsey Manning, or an actual chart of someone who we have seen evolve through public strife.

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I was 12 or so when Chastity was born and when I saw here on Sonny and Cher with Blonde hair, I had to wonder - how do brown eyed dark haired parents have blonde children - and then as I got more into life - I realized she was actually Greg Allmans daughter - like her brother Elijah and with her mom's eyes. Where is Chaz pallas? She was first of real 'celebrities' to 'wonder' 'discover' 'create' her personal self. Does Pallas have parents in oblivion in chart relations? I ask because Cher seemed shocked and dismayed at how her girl wanted turned into a boy and then said - 'well, I guess I wasn't paying attention".

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Chaz is magnificent in courage. That's where I will leave it. Note the planets in astrology are masculine, except the Moon and Venus.

That means 8 masculine and adding these 4 to the picture and let's add Eris and Sedna, two farther out dwarf planets , you have 6 more feminine, it balances the genders of planets or celestial bodies of the solar system in astrology. I would assume Mercury and Uranus have genderfluid properties, they are still gods and indeed masculine. And another transgender person in the headlines: Stephen Ira Beatty and his natal chart Her biography lists her birth date May 29 indeed a Gemini sun , but she never gave out her birth year theorized at either or Not a transgender, but I'm pansexual.

Regarding Pallas, I'm in love with this asteroid. She's a warrior. She's intelligent, she defends justice and her wisdom is really outstanding. For some people mostly females this asteroid makes them a feminist, not really in a bad way, they just want equality. How would Juno effect people's sexual orientation and gender identity? GG, I urge you to look deep inside yourself.

I've been actively 'in the community' since I was 16, and am now There is a great sociological push in progress to give the appearance of including everyone in an ostensibly utopian fabric. Admittedly, this is an 'Aquarian Age' ideal, but it reflects what I perceive as the Uranian principles; genius, revolution, humanitarianism, etc. I have known several individuals who've regretted pursuing this venue. The Gods, always have, and always will create absolutely anything, and everything.

You can be a powerful woman who builds engines and rides bulls, or a man who embroiders and blubbers at weddings. Neither betray their gender, but are true to themselves. Exploring the Native American Berdache and Winkte illuminate this. The reason I'm replying to your query, is that it is rapidly becoming illegal and punishable by incarceration to even suggest a questioning individual fully examines their options before making a permanent and irrevocable change.

Make certain the decision is truly your own, and not the result of programming, and pressure. For your consideration is this revelatory video. Tags pallas , people , transgender Thread Tools. All times are GMT. The time now is PM.

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